щенок, немецкий боксер Lakushka joined us in September 2009. She was three month old.
сука немецкий боксер Lucky's mother - Isabella Is Tsarstva Zolotogo orla
кобель немецкий боксер
чемпион San-Diego vom German Dream
Father San-Diego vom German Dream
At the age of 10 months Lucky joined a dog training school and successfully completed the exams.
webl4 At 12 months we took part at our first dog show and receive JCAC.
We have no experience, only read a lot of books for handling and look videos in Youtube. The expert shows the handler (daughter Lisa), how to show boxer.
webl8 First run
фото немецкого боксера The first medal
фото немецкого боксера Lyudmila Goryachkina (ownner of Isabella)came to support us at exhibition.
Many thanks to her for our girl!
фото немецкого боксера Encouraged by this result, we signed up for the three exhibitions in Sokolniki. And much to our surprise, each judge has given us JCAC.
фото немецкого боксера In two days we became Junior Champion of Russia!
In autumn 2010, Lucky find out that noble bridegroom MULTI CH LOTUS DE RINCOMAR (SPAIN) came to Moscow.



This is our first meeting.
webl14 Of cause Lucky fall in love and soon she was in interesting stage pregnancy
webl15 February, the 10 is the date of birth of our first litter "G" We had three sons and three daughters.
webl16 The children have grown up a bit.
webl17 The first showdown:
webl18 Гаечка в стойке
webl19 Gaika
Shi is the queen, isn't it?
webl20 Our first trip to our country-house.
webl21 Near the Gaika beloved brother Henry, who soon went to live in Krasnodar with his new familly.
webl22 How smells lilacs
webl23 Returning home. In crowded but not in mad.
webl24 So we've got this little tiger miracle. Mother Lucky was very happy that one of her bubbies rest home with her.

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